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About Us

Message from CEO

Providing a sense of Japanese “hospitality” for financial assets

Minato Management is a company devoted to creating new value for, and in conjunction with, its clients. All enterprises and assets have unique value and social significance. But there is a gap between their fundamental value and their market value. At Minato Management, we view this gap as a business opportunity, and we help to create new value for our clients by functioning as a global hub linking Japan to the world.

We are a global company operated by a hand-picked elite of accounting, tax, finance, and real estate professionals who are driven by common aspirations and ambitions.

We believe that the pursuit of value is the very essence of business and is a worthy objective that contributes to the realization of a sustainable economy.

Our motto is, “Provide a sincere, honest, finely tuned service aligned to the needs of the client.” For this reason, all Minato Management employees are constantly trying to find ways to serve our clients better.

Japanese-style hospitality is one of the key elements of our culture, and we take it very seriously. This attitude — which emphasizes total service to a customer’s needs — underlies all our business dealings. The majority of our clients are based outside of Japan, so we are proud to use this traditional Japanese attitude towards service as another tool to strengthen cross-cultural communication.
Every member of our staff looks forward to working together with our clients and to helping them to launch a new chapter in their success stories.

CEO: Tatsuto Kuramoto



Minato Management values a free and original spirit. We are not constrained by what is considered “common sense” in our industry, but instead combine high-level expertise with innovative thinking to create entirely new business value for our clients.


We are professionals in every sense, combining experience, knowhow, and ethical standards. We deliver unique proposals and services that are truly client-oriented.


One of Minato Management’s strengths is our global perspective. For example, we view sovereign states and national borders from a positive perspective, providing many and varied approaches to taxation, regulation, etc. From that viewpoint, we will continue to examine a wide range of business models designed to maximize client profits.

Fiduciary Duty*Policy

With the slogan “providing a sense of Japanese hospitality for financial assets,” Minato Management will make the following efforts in order to maintain high standards of professionalism, pursue flexible and swift responses to the ever-changing economic circumstances, and provide the highest level of financial products and services meeting your needs.
We have adopted all seven of the Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct released by the Financial Services Agency on March 30, 2017.

* ”Fiduciary duty” is a general term for the diversity of roles and responsibilities that fiduciaries must fulfill to act in the interests of beneficiaries.

a. Developing products and providing information and services from a customer viewpoint
  • ・We will fully understand your circumstances and objectives and develop and propose products meeting your needs.
  • ・We will strive to develop products that contribute to the stability of your asset building and will review our existing products in order to ensure that the best products are always made available to you.
  • ・To help you with your decision-making, we will provide you with necessary information in an easy-to-understand form without the risk of misunderstanding, with such information including the characteristics and risks of our products, our private placement commissions and other fees, the details of our relevant operations, and market conditions.
  • ・We will make it easier for you to check the performance of your products and enhance their transparency by explaining their performance to you in person and enabling you to check it online or by other means whenever you need to do so.
b. Ensuring governance
  • ・Whenever making decisions about providing products to you and developing new products, we will consider the transparency of our processes and the objectivity of our evaluations. We will also strengthen our compliance functions and improve our internal auditing procedures.
  • ・We have defined “acts or transactions that involve the risk of causing a conflict between your interests and the interests of ourselves, those of our officers/employees, or of other relevant parties” and “acts or transactions that involve the risk of causing a conflict between your interests and the interests of our other clients” as “acts or transactions that involve the risk of causing a conflict of interest.” Whenever concluding a contract with you, we will engage in appropriate risk management; for example, we will check whether the contract involves any such acts or transactions and, if necessary, take action to eliminate the risk or provide you with sufficient information to obtain your consent.
  • ・As a general rule, we will directly sell our investment products to you; we will sell them to you through another company only if such company accepts this policy.
c. Maintaining high-level expertise
  • ・We will enhance the professional skills and mindsets of all our officers and employees through regular in-house and external training.
  • ・We will conduct training and other motivational activities to ensure that all our officers and employees are committed to fulfilling their fiduciary duties.

About CEO

Tatsuto Kuramoto

Building on experience with audit and tax practice in Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, provided M&A transaction advisory services as a manager in charge of M&A consulting department at Shin Nihon Ernst & Young Co., Ltd. Worked as a manager of finance department at Asset Management company J-REIT(Japan Real Estate Investment Trust), COO at Financial services company specializing in Intellectual Property, and started Rerise Investment Inc.as CEO in 2009. Became President (CEO) of Minato Management CO., Ltd. in 2013. Professional Certification: Japanese CPA/EA.

Company Profile

Corporate Name Minato Management Co., Ltd.
Office Address Toranomon Building 3rd floor, 1-1-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1050001
Phone +81-3-6459-4159
Facsimile +81-3-6459-4169
Board Member
President(CEO) Tatsuto "Tad" Kuramoto
Director Hidenori Ihara, Mikio Wada
Auditor Toru Yamada
Services Fund Asset Management Service, Real Estate Broking
Registration Kanto Local Finance Bureau # 2096, Real Estate Agency #3-85834