Our Mission

International Business Hub

A Team of Dedicated Financial Professionals

Japan boasts a wealth of valuable assets that are not immediately apparent to those who live there. The value of such assets is visible only when seen through the filter of overseas experience. It is the mission of Minato Management to re-assess the value of our home-grown assets and to connect them to opportunities for inbound investment.
With the ongoing spread of globalization, we now find ourselves in an era where it makes no sense to manage only domestic assets within Japan. There are many attractive overseas investment opportunities for Japanese investors, providing Minato Management with a greater sense of mission.
We believe the ongoing international flow of investment funds and investment assets will contribute to the formation of sound financial assets and greater social value.
However, it is necessary to address multiple issues in order to satisfy the demands of both sellers and buyers, and to conduct trading that is both legally and economically proper. Minato Management pursues sound asset transactions through all of our established networks and based on all our experience, aiming to function as a hub for clients, both in Japan and overseas.
Transactional hubs both in Japan and overse
Special Features of the Japanese Investment Environment
  • Stable economic environment
  • high-precision manufacturing
  • unique natural environment and sense of values
Special Features of the Overseas Investment Environment
  • High-level economic growth
  • diversification of the investment portfolio and the gap between the markets and regulations.