Our Core Beliefs

Minato Management values a free and original spirit. We are not constrained by the so-called common sense of industry standards, but combine high level expertise with innovative thinking to create new business values for our clients.

We are professionals in every sense, combining expertise with high ethical standards. We deliver unique proposals and services that are truly client-oriented.

Our global perspective is a major strength of Minato Management. We view sovereign states and national borders not as obstacles, but from a positive perspective, in that they offer us with the chance to provide our clients with new approaches to taxation and regulation. We will continue to examine a wide range of business models designed to maximize client profits.

Our Corporate Logo


Minato Management aspires to create an International Business Hub.
The word hub comes from the central part of a wheel that rotates on an axle.
At Minato Management we pledge to play a role as a hub which attracts assets and investors from both Japan and overseas.
The schematic view of our hub is as a hexagonal axis that represents independent and limitless possibilities, and the six lines express the idea of the people and assets draw towards it.
The hexagon, itself, is composed of three interlocking triangles, which represent the three business operations pursued by Minato Management – real estate, fund management and investment.
It also represents our aspiration to continue to strive hand-in-hand with our clients to make great strides on the global stage.
The navy blue of our corporate color symbolizes intelligence, reliability and integrity. We will deploy a business that is built on the foundations of a relationship of trust with our clients.